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What are the VISA requirements?

Incorrect VISA may lead to endorsement errors of insurance coverages and liabilities.

Is a new employment contract required?

Cross-border working does require ammendments of the employment contract.

Do I need to follow laws & regulations of the other country?

Working in other countries may lead to legal obligations in the respective countries. Therefore it is important to consult with specialists who are able to inform you.


Do I need to file a personal/income tax return?

Working Cross-border may require an annual personal/income tax return in multiple countries, as a (Non-)Tax Residence

Do I pay taxes in all countries?

Double tax treaties between countries may avoid double taxations.

What is the difference between withholding & income taxes?

Withholding taxes is based on your taxable wage in a particular country, while income tax may be based on your personal (worldwide) income.


Can I continue to be insured in my home country?

This is possible when you meet certain requirements & conditions.

Is my A1 Statement valid worldwide?

No, the A1 Statement is only valid within the EU/EEU countries and needs to be reviewed if the situation changes. The A1 statement may loose it’s validity when a personal change occurs.

Does Cross-border working have an impact on Pension?

If wages are partly taxable in another country the pensionable income might be impacted.


Do I need to set-up a Cross-border payroll?

Yes, if you work in another country and taxable income applies, then a Cross-border payroll is required.

What is the difference between Shadow and Split payroll?

Shadow payroll is applicable if social securities and/or taxes are required in a different country than where the net amount is being paid. Split Payroll is applicable when net amounts are being paid in 2 or more countries.

Responsibilities in case of Absence in other Country?

Sickness Absence rules vary per country and depends on the country in which the employment contract is binding.


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